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Welcome to the Lutz Railroad Garden
Lutz Railroad Garden
Lutz Railroad Garden

See Conductor Bud's newest addition to his railroad via video - a monorail!

Video 1Video 2.

Thank you for the memories.

As of Sep 24, 2022, the Lutz Railroad is officially closed.

The Lutz Railroad Garden started with a flat backyard and the vision of Bud and Ayako.  In 1978, the original waterfall, river, arch bridge, and pond were built and the journey began.  Since that time, many flower beds have been added, along with several uncommon trees to the Twin Cities area, including Ohio Buckeyes and magnolias.  Flowers abound, blooming throughout Spring and Summer, starting with the magnolias and peonies.


Water features, such as the bamboo deer chaser (originally from Thailand, but due to many Minnesota winters, had to be replicated by Conductor Bud out of PVC in 2015) and the bubble fountain, add to the sounds of the garden.  The bubble fountain, while beautiful, is also functional.  It propels the water wheel, which then animates the whimsical man cutting wood and woman washing clothes.


In 2000, the construction of the railroad began.  A G-Scale train goes through the town, with a granite retaining wall serving as the town’s base, while a second waterfall trickles nearby.  Handmade trestles and bridges add to the charm.  Can you find the gorilla that escaped from the carnival?


While you are at the Garden, find the geyser and Conductor Bud's version of Mount Rushmore!  Check out "Mechanical Mountain" with the balancing skateboarder and marble coaster.

2016 addition:  Balancing Skateboarder, made by Conductor Bud.

2017 addition:  Spiral fountain, made by Conductor Bud.


All aboard!

Lutz Railroad Garden

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